The whole production process takes place in Japan to meet delivery schedules. We implement rigorous inspections during production to ensure safety and reliability. We handle marketing for products with higher workability, cost- advantageous products, and development of next-generation products.

Polish everything and anything!

Won’t you join us in making a brighter future with "polish" ?

Sankyo Rikagaku, as a general abrasives manufacturer, will design product specifications together with your company so that we can offer abrasives with superior workability depending on the application.


Here, we present products with higher workability depending on the application, together with our product lineup, detailed specifications and actual usage scenarios.


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Compatibility between the polisher and the abrasive is of prime importance. We develop original products after carrying out repeated polishing tests, so that we can offer users machining solutions that no other company can.

By perfecting base material and coating materials, we not only develop abrasives, but a range of other products too.Our unique fusion of technology and ideas enables us to challenge new applications.

We invite customer participation from the planning and development stage, and perfect the product together.Once it has become a product, we conclude a contract assigning exclusive sales rights to the customer (depending on sales volume and contractual stipulations).

You can print anything not only on the back surface of the abrasive, but by using transparent resins and grinding particles, you can also print on the top surface, which is the polishing surface. We can therefore satisfy various needs to change popular colors every year using the same product (depending on production volume and other contractual stipulations).

We can deliver in various forms ranging from the largest jumbo rolls, to machined products (belts, sheets or small rolls).